Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekly Chase and new Jost Running update!

After a three-week blogging hiatus with my work schedule going crazy, I am ready to get back into the swing of things. I thought a great way to do that would be to once again participate in the Weekly Chase hosted by the awesome Road Runner Girl and Ask Miss Molly! The point is to inspire yourself by putting your goals in print. It's a great way to ensure accountability.

Since I did not participate last week I don't have progress to report on goals so I'm just going to put my new goals out there.

Goal #1- Get all my running in this week. I'm in a bridge training program that is keeping me on-task before my fall half-marathon training program begins in June. This includes speed work, shorter maintenance runs and a long weekend run. For the most part sticking to this isn't difficult for me but I HAVE to get out early for the long weekend runs. Summer in St. Louis is just not conducive to running at any other time than early in the AM. This past Saturday I didn't get out until 11 as I had errands and things to do early and I could only do 4 out of my planned 7 miles because it was almost 90 with 87% humidity and the blazing sun. I get up early so I need to get out there early!

Goal #2- Blog! I have a few blog posts I need to write about my awesome Jost Running "Brave New Route" adventure and a review of my awesome Bio Skin calf sleeves. My goal is to do them both this week.

Goal #3- Strength train! I've been good with my running and cardio in general (I do at least one spin class per week in addition to running) but my strength training has suffered in the past few weeks. Have to hit up the kettle bells!

Goal #4- Track my points. My weight has not gone up (in fact I was down a pound since my last weigh-in) but I haven't been tracking or attending WW meetings for the past month and that needs to change ASAP. I want to lose another 7 lbs. before my July vacation, so I have about 6 weeks to do so, which is doable if I track.

That's about it for now...I'll let you know how it goes next week.

Jost Running and Girls on the Run

I am lucky enough to be a guest blogger for Jost Running for the summer months and yesterday they shared their commercial for their new Girls on the Run virtual race. This is a race that will be supporting the San Diego Chapter of GOTR. I am especially enthusiastic that Jost is teaming up with GOTR as it is something I'm really passionate about. If you've read my blog previously you know that I am on the Board of Directors at an urban charter school here in St. Louis. I am happy to announce that my bid to get a GOTR site at our school was accepted and we are in for the Fall I'm double happy to share this commercial with you as GOTR is an organization that I think can make a huge difference for girls in our communities.

Girls on the Run-Jost Running

Thanks for reading all and stay tuned for more!


  1. Congrats on getting GOTR at your school! That's very exciting.

    I really like participating in Jost Running virtual races – it's fun to get a cute medal, not to mention the fact that they donate money each month to a new charity. Do you happen to know how much from each registration fee goes towards the charities? Just curious.

    Good luck with your goals for the week!

  2. Thanks Heather, I am really excited about GOTR and how it will enhance the experience for the girls at my school.

    You know, I'm not sure about the % of the registration fee, but I'm going to find out because as a guest blogger for them, I should know that info! Watch this space.

  3. Great goals! I hope they've went well this week! I'm coming back after a short blogging hiatus as well, and I need to get my act in gear as far as training and weight loss.

    1. Thanks! I slacked on my follow up, but the goals went pretty well!